Incense and Joss Stick – 3 Great Reasons to Burn Incense sticks

Incense and Joss Stick – 3 Great Reasons to
Burn Incense sticks

Making of Joss Sticks is a skill that can be learned through online tutorials, books and classes.
You will need to learn basic elements, like the joss stick length JinPaper Malaysia. Using a longer joss stick is much
better for carving Buddhist figures and animals. It is possible to use shorter sticks, but the animal
and figure carving will be limited.

What Is Incense? Ingredients and Facts

Making joss sticks is a type of incense, which is usually made from aromatic herbs. This is why
joss sticks are often burnt in Chinese ceremonies, as part of spells conducted during Chinese
New Year, or for other religious purposes. Joss sticks made of strong fragrance oil are sold in
local markets, as well as being sold online. Many of these sticks can be found at Buddhist
temples, but there are also more stores selling joss sticks on the internet.
There are many uses of joss sticks. Some people believe that they are powerful talismans,
capable of protecting the user against evil. They are used to ward off bad luck, as well as to
promote good health, such as for those who practice acupuncture. A joss stick burning at night is
said to release negative energy into the world around us, cleansing it and making it easier for us
to achieve inner peace. And lastly, some people believe that the sound of joss sticks stirring in
the wind is a symbol of the cyclical renewal of our lives.
When buying joss sticks for burning, be careful not to purchase ones with artificial fragrance, as
they may have chemicals added to them. Natural joss sticks have had fragrance added, so that
they retain their properties of good luck. If you buy joss sticks that are commercially made, check
the ingredients to make sure that they do not contain artificial fragrances and dyes. Look also for
small holes in the center of the sticks; these are called chasps and indicate where the smoke is
disappearing into the atmosphere.

15 Different Types of Incense

As well as making incense for your home or temple, you can also make joss stick making rituals
for special occasions like birthday parties, thanksgiving, New Year’s celebrations and others.
Singaporeans are fascinated with any ritual that makes them feel good, and they will go to great
lengths to celebrate your birth or thanksgiving with a beautiful day or a wonderful incense stick.
Whether you choose to buy one from an Asian store in the shopping mall in your area or online
from an online vendor in Singapore, you can be sure that you will receive exactly what you buy.
Joss sticks, Incense sticks and other products associated with traditional rituals in the East have
been used for hundreds of years. People use them to cleanse their bodies before prayer or
meditation, they are burnt at funerals to honor a deceased loved one, and more. There is no
reason that you should not be able to recreate these ancient traditions and get the same positive
benefits that they did in your own life. If you are thinking about buying some joss sticks for you,
why not try them out online in Singapore from an authentic incense vendor. You may be
surprised by the difference in quality and customer service.